It can be a little daunting thinking about what you need to do to plan for your upcoming photoshoot. So I have put together a few tips and advice on what can be done to help you prepare. This not only helps you, but also helps your product photographer to make sure they’ll shoot exactly what you had imagined for your pieces.

Review your products

It’s helpful to have a good look through all of your products that you’re planning to shoot and to start thinking about what’s important about those to capture. For example if you have a greetings card, you may want to showcase the front and the back. The card may also have some beautiful textured effects that you specifically want a close-up shot of.

Create a moodboard

There is so much inspiration out there, we may as well use it! Have a scroll through places such as pinterest to see if there are any product photography examples you really like the look of and would like to use that when creating yours. It’s also a great tool to give you ideas on how you can style and place your items for maximum effect.

Think about your branding

For your new product shots, it’s a good idea to think about your specific branding and how you can incorporate that into your photos. You can do this by using items that you use every day to make or design your products, or perhaps making sure that your branding colours are used perhaps in the background or in the props.

Pick a background

This brings up nicely onto the background! The background is an important aspect of your photos as this can help to really emphasise your products and make them stand out. You can stick to light coloured backgrounds to create a light and airy feel to your photographs, or you could go darker creating a sense of luxury and mood. Whatever you choose, it’s a good idea to make sure that it will fit in well with your branding and website.

Prop decisions

Props, props, props! These are such a great way to bring personality and character in your shots. You can showcase items that compliment your product, such as ingredients or items that are used to create what you’re selling. Or you can use items that are in the same or similar category and may potentially be purchased at the same time.

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