Etsy is one of the best platforms out there to sell your items if you’re an independent creator. It’s a brilliant website to use that allows for a wider audience to find your products whereas they may not have before.

There are a few different recommendations from Etsy themselves when it comes to your product photography. Your photos can be tailored to this for you to make sure that you are fully optimised for the platform - just let me know! Let’s get on with some Etsy photo tips...


One of the best pieces of advice to give would be to make sure that the product you’re selling is the main focus of your image.

Shooting your product in a lifestyle setting is also a great way to capture the attention of people scrolling through the listings. This is because it will stand out as they will be able to relate to the product more.

Image Orientation & Cropping

For the thumbnail/main image of your listing, it’s advised to have a landscape orientation (ideally a ratio of 4:3) as this is how they are displayed when customers are scrolling through multiple listings. This will ensure that nothing important is cropped out as it will already be set up perfectly.

For the rest of your listing images, you can either continue the 4:3 cropping or you can have square images. Both look good on the Etsy listings and will showcase your products really well.


We can often be left wondering what is the RIGHT size that I should be uploading? As it’s different for a lot of places.

For Etsy in particular, it’s recommended that your photos are at least 2000px wide on the shortest side (whilst also making sure the file size is less than 1MB). When organising your photos for you, I can make sure that your photos are already in the correct size you need so that you can upload straight away!

I do hope that these were a few useful tips to get you going with photography for your Etsy listings. As always, my product photography can be tailored to you and the needs of your business so do get in touch should you have any questions at all.

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